Meadow Lucy Craig

Of course, the biggest change in our lives was the birth of our first grandchild… beautiful Meadow. Retirement is going to be fun playing with her and watching her grow.

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What seems to be the never-ending job of packing continues. Trying to figure out what I won’t need for awhile and tape it up in a box. Putting other things I might need in another box and leaving it open. I’ve already thought about things I would like access to but are already boxed and out of the house. Oh well, this too shall pass.

Time is getting short now. I feel like I’ve been packing forever. Next phase — begin unpacking. Don’t know which is worse.

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Life as I know it is about to change. What’s in store? I don’tknow but I’m looking forward to finding out. 

Next week I move into a new home, one that could last a long time. Full retirement is about to begin. I have a lot of things on my bucket list. And I intend to tick off as many as I can. I hope to take up some old hobbies and maybe even find some new ones. I’m also looking forward to new ministries to be involved with. 

Life…Here I come. 

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10 cents a piece..

Memories. Yesterday I was ironing and was reminded of ironing days a long time ago. I thought about how I ironed as a kid, even as late as a teenager.

We would lay out the clothes on the kitchen table and sprinkle them lightly with water, not a spray bottle but a sprinkler bottle. We would then roll them up, put them in a zippered plastic bag and then into the refrigerator to wait for ironing time. You see, we didn’t have steam irons then and this would keep them moist to help remove the wrinkles as well as keeping them from mildewing. Everything was 100% cotton and wrinkled terribly.

The best thing about this is that Mother paid me — 10 cents a piece! — to help with the ironing. Of course, the sprinkling was more fun than ironing. The best piece to iron — a handkerchief!

Wonder if kids are still getting paid to iron today. Hopefully the price has gone up.

Laundry sprinkler bottles

Sprinkle before ironing

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Three and a half years later…

… an MBA in International Business. WOO! HOO! Susan did it. She has completed her degree from Dallas Baptist University and is looking forward to life with no homework. Good job, Susan!

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A to Z

Starting to get serious on my trip to San Francisco. Researching, planning, booking, packing (in my mind and on paper). I am the over zealous one in the family and the over organized one. I was once accused of being so organized that I had my kids in alpha order.

Plan to walk the bridge

Needless to say I am getting excited about this upcoming trip. It has been many, many years since I have been to northern California. I’m sure I won’t even recognize it. My idea of a good trip is to research what there is to see and do in the area and prioritize it so that I don’t get home with regrets. I never know when I will get back to the area. I guess I’m always afraid I will miss something spectacular. At my age I may not have time to replay to see it. Of course, I plan to live another 20+ years but there is so much I want to see and do without having to repeat.

Plenty of exercise planned

OK, so yesterday I started working on what I want to take with me. We are trying to limit the luggage for various reasons. I would love to take half my wardrobe so that it will be handy for me to wear whatever the mood strikes. That’s not really practical or feasible and we will have access to a washer and dryer so I really only need to take half as much and just wash at the midpoint. So ‘The Ultimate Packing List’ I discovered a few years ago comes in handy. I am happy to share in case you are the same kind of traveler I am.. This is obviously a master that I modify for each trip..

Happy travels to all you fellow sojourners.


Planes, Trains & Automobile Travel
☐ Snacks for Travel (Bottled Water (Crystal Light Mixes), soft drinks/juices, gum, suckers, hard candy, breakfast bars, fruit roll ups, sandwiches, candy bars, etc.)
☐ Books or Magazines for Reading
☐ Walkie-Talkies
☐ Travel Games (Playing Cards, Books, Crayons)
☐ Discman, Nintendo/Playstation Gameboys, DVD Player (DVD’s), iPod, MP3 Player, and PDA (Extra Batteries, Charger and Speakers)
☐ Extra Washcloth for traveling, Anti-bacterial Wipes, Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer
☐ Kleenex Tissues
Must-Haves General List
☐ Birth Certificate/Passport (Photo ID) (EXTRA Copies)
☐ Cruise Documents and Luggage Tags
☐ Travel Itinerary
☐ Driver’s License – Medical or Health Insurance Card (Info and numbers)
☐ Boarding Passes, Airline Tickets or E-Ticket Confirmations, Parking/Transportation and Hotel Confirmations, Car Rental Confirmations (Bring Insurance Card for Car Rental)
☐ Money, Traveler’s Checks and Credit Cards (Extra Copies of Credit Cards)
☐ Small Bills for Tipping, Excursions and Casino ($1’s and $5’s)
☐ Itinerary – Maps, Travel Info and Directions
☐ Cell Phone – Pager (Batteries and Charger)
☐ Purse or Wallet (extra purse for evenings)
☐ Camera (Disposable), Video, Film, Laptop (Batteries, Memory Cards and Charger)
☐ First Aid Supply Kit
☐ (Band Aids, Dramamine/Bonine, Imodium, Vaseline, Allergy Tablets, TUMS, Neosporin/Cortisone Creams, Tylenol or Aspirin, Thermometer, Prescription Medications, Eye Drops, Laxatives, Alcohol, Peroxide, and Needle/Thread)
☐ Reading Glasses – Sunglasses – Contacts
☐ Belt and Hats
☐ Jewelry (Watch, Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, etc. for day and night)
☐ Suntan Lotion, Sun Screen and Aloe
☐ Special Pillow – Earplugs
☐ Beach Towels/Extra Washcloths for Traveling
☐ Daypack – Backpack for Excursions
☐ Lanyards – Wrist Keychain
☐ Downy Wrinkle Releaser – Tide-To-Go Pen – Laundry Detergent/Fabric Softener
☐ Mini Lint Brush
☐ Duct Tape
☐ Travel Alarm Clock
☐ Collapsible Cooler
☐ Binoculars
☐ Flashlight
☐ Zip-Lock Bags
☐ Umbrella – Ponchos
☐ Beach Folding Chairs
☐ Beach Towels
☐ Fun Stuff for Swimming (Beach Ball, Frisbee, Goggles, Diving Gear, Floaties)
☐ Fold up Tote Bag – Pop-Up Hamper and/or Dirty Clothes Laundry Bag
☐ Address Book
☐ Room Spray – Lysol – Febreeze
☐ Power Strip and Extension Cord with Multi Plug-Ins
☐ Bungee Cord and Over-the-Door Shoe Holder
☐ Post It Notes (Pen and Highlighter)
☐ Purses (Day/Evening)
☐ Shampoo/Conditioner
☐ Shower Cap
☐ Hair Brush/Comb
Shaving Gel/Razor – Electric Razor for Men
☐ Soap or Body Wash
☐ Toothbrush/Toothpaste (Mouthwash and Dental Floss)
☐ Styling products (Mousse, Gel, Aerosol Hairspray)
☐ Rubbing Alcohol
☐ Hair Scrunches, Headbands, Rubber Bands, Clips, Barrettes
☐ Deodorant
☐ Nail Polish/Remover/File/Scissors
☐ SPF Lip balm
Sanitary Items
☐ Makeup
☐ Lotions/Creams/Moisturizers
☐ Q-tips/Cotton Balls
☐ Hair Dryer/Curling Iron/Hair Rollers/Flat-Iron Straightener
CLOTHING (Women and Men)
☐ Bras (include strapless for evening wear)Underwear and T-Shirts/Undershirts (Men & Women)
☐ Lingerie/Pajamas/Robe
☐ Evening Sweater or Sweatshirt/Jacket
☐ Camisole/slip
☐ Bathing suits – Swimming Trunks – Cover-ups (Bring 2 or more suits)
☐ Walking, Trouser and Dress Socks (Hose/Stockings)
☐ Exercise/Tennis Shoes/Crocs
☐ Sandals (Flip Flops) and Water Shoes for Excursions
☐ Dress Shoes – Heels
☐ Fitness – Workout Clothes
☐ Shorts and Capris
☐ Jeans
☐ Tops of ALL types (Sleeveless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, T-shirts)
☐ Slacks (Men and Women)
☐ Evening Outfits – Casual, Formal Wear and In-Formal Wear (Sun dresses, Gowns, Sport Coat & Tie or Tux)
☐ Sport Jacket and Pants
☐ Regular Ties
☐ Dress Shirts
☐ Black Socks and Dressy Shoes if renting a tuxedo (cummerbund and suspenders)
☐ REMEMBER – Always Pack Swimsuits, Makeup and Rx Medications in carry-on with a change of clothing and pack a comfy outfit for your long trip home or wear the same outfit home as you did coming and just have it cleaned on the ship two nights before departure.
☐ Wash or Run Dishwasher
☐ Pet Care
☐ Empty all Trash Cans
☐ Tune up car (Check Tires, Battery, Major Fluids, Brakes, etc.)
☐ Empty Fridge
☐ Change Sheets on Bed
☐ Do Laundry
☐ Confirm Airline Tickets
☐ Recharge Batteries
☐ Get Money out of ATM
☐ Arrange for mail pickup or hold, newspaper, feeding animals, garbage pickup and other deliveries
☐ Lawn Care (Mow Lawn, Use Weedeater, Water plants, etc.)
☐ Lock doors and check windows
☐ Unplug unused appliances
☐ Adjust thermostat
☐ Manicure – Pedicure – Eyebrow Waxing – Haircuts for Everyone
☐ Leave your itinerary, flights, hotel and all numbers with friend, relative or neighbor
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Mother’s Day

This weekend started out to be just another weekend and another Sunday. But earlier in the week Susan called and wanted us to get together for Mother’s Day. We made arrangements to meet in for Sunday lunch. Then Richard made plans to come down as well. Plan B then went into effect. When we pick Richard up at the train station we will drive to San Antonio and spend nearly 24 hours together, including going to church together… What a wonderful Mother’s Day this will be!!

Wes will grill for us and we will probably work on some of our SanFran trip.. Sunday we will go to The Guenther House for a special Mother’s Day Brunch.

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